Closed Rallies are Propaganda by Definition.

  1. A closed rally is a staged event. Every part of the event is choreographed like a concert – including the signage, the chants, the applause, the speech, the amount of time a speaker pauses for dramatic effect, etc.
  2. Most political rallies are invite-only and are closed events.  Those who do not agree with the politician or are seen as detractors are removed from the events.  There is almost no possibility for any kind of dissent or opposition; nor will there be any opportunity for questioning of the ideas or concepts being presented.
  3. Lying is not illegal and there is nothing stopping anyone at a closed rally from lying to the attendees.  There will most likely be nobody that will speak out against inaccuracies or call attention to and shed light on any downright dishonesty taking center stage during the event.  Most attendees do not go to closed rallies as free-thinkers.
  4. Everyone you see around the podium at a closed rally is given a sign and is strategically placed in front of or behind a candidate where they will be seen by cameras. These people are chosen by race, age, demographic, etc. They do not necessarily represent anything about the constituency supporting the politician, other than a need for support from those groups.  If there is any linkage, it is most likely that a politician does not have or needs the support of the group seated directly behind them.

Short Story:  A closed rally is designed as a one-sided event that only presents to you the perceived benefits from a single point of view. If you are participating in a closed rally, you are, in essence, participating in a marketing ploy.  You’re willingly involving yourself in an event that will keep you within the bubble or circle that you’re already in, and will only serve to reinforce what you already believe. If you want to think for yourself, avoid closed rallies like the plague. You already know what your beliefs are.  It would probably be best to go find another perspective.ƒ

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