The Problem With A “We’ll See” Mentality.

When does “We’ll See” end?

When do you call it and say this is where I draw the line.  Do you just continue to watch until the end?  Where is “the end”?

Guess what…  There is no “end”, unless you define it.

Nothing. Ever. Ends.

This is a tactic used to defer judgement and criticism until it’s too late to do anything about it.  After the point at which the decisions have all been made and hindsight is 20/20, you can’t make any more decisions or steer the boat in a different direction.  The boat has already reached and passed it’s destination.

In the political theatre, people say “We’ll see” when they don’t want you to realize, or don’t realize themselves, that we all have a hand in politics.  As citizens we all have a role to play in politics and governance. Depending on the structure of the government you live under, that role may vary drastically, ranging from great to nearly non-existent.  You can always affect change.  Always.

You do have power and a responsibility to act in all situations.  Don’t shrug off that responsibility, or give up that power for the sake of apathy.  There are enough apathetic people in this world.  Of course, not everything in your life is something with which you can take issue. Choose your battles.  There isn’t enough time in the world, but if you ever wonder why it seems that nobody cares,  or doesn’t do their job, etc., don’t pretend to be surprised if you yourself are engaging in the same apathetic behaviour.

How to counter, “We’ll see” in your own life, business, politics, etc.

Make or set goals, waypoints, or milestones.  Setting clear indicators of when too far is too far, is a great start.  Those goals can be as simple as stating a date or time by which a review needs to occur.  Thresholds are also great in determining for yourself the standards of what you are or are not willing to accept.  Take care of issues of before they become too large to be dealt with and resolved.  Don’t leave important things to an apathetic attitude.  Being care-free is different from not caring.ƒ

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