Ken Burns Steps In To Help Save Hampshire College

Filmmaker Ken Burns. (Mark Humphrey/AP)

Ken Burns is why I went to Hampshire College. There was so much competition for the film program that I ended up not taking film classes and designed my own curriculum for a degree in 3D Animation and Computer Music. I did nearly all independent study for my 4.5 years there.

Daniel Warner was my Div III(Senior Thesis) Chair. I think he was the only one of my professors that had any inkling of how much I had to learn and what went into producing an hour of music from code. I had to write code to make the instruments, I sequenced some of it in code, and used 3rd party tools for other parts. When I went to decide on what my Div III was going to be, he was the only one at the school that got it.

The animation part wasn’t as great, but rendering anything back then took the kind of processing power I couldn’t afford, even though my personal workstation cost more than a mid-sized sedan.

Thanks Daniel!

Honestly, I don’t think I would have graduated from any other college. I am so happy that Ken threw himself into trying to save our alma mater, and had a similar experience.

If you don’t know about Hampshire College, read the brief article linked below from the Washington Post.

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