Vaping is Smoking

Let’s lay down some facts here.

    1. Vaping is essentially smoking. There is no valid argument against this. Period. In  most commercially available devices:
      • liquid/juice is absorbed into wick.
      • Coil is heated by battery and juice is wicked toward coil until liquid touches coil.
      • Liquid turns to “vapor”.
    2. You’re not just inhaling water vapor. You’re inhaling all the chemicals that make the flavoring as well as the added nicotine and whatever may be in the “juice”.
    3. Until very recently there have been NO regulations to stop people from creating vaping products that are harmful to your health. In history, can you think of any industry that did not take advantage or abuse the trust of consumers just to make a buck? Why would you assume that the vaping industry that is trying to follow in the footsteps of an industry that knowingly caused the estimated deaths of upwards of 20 million people in the US alone since 1964 would engineer healthier products. You can’t use the argument, “Why would someone kill their customers?” That has been proven to be untrue and a deflection over and over throughout history. As for the products used to vape the juice, do you know what they’re made of? Are there any standards for the myriad of products that are made or sold? No. Do you know what the filaments are made from? The purity of the glass? The chrome coatings on the metal/plastic/rubber tubes or lip pieces, etc? Do you even know what the metal is made from that you’re holding, or what the batteries are made from or the wicks? No.

  1. Vapor from vaping does not just disappear because you can’t see it. Even if you can’t see it or smell it the concept of saying it no longer exists is ridiculous. Natural gas has to have an odor added to it in order for humans to smell it. It’s definitely poisonous. Odorless turpentine will still kill you if you use it in a confined space with no ventilation.  You just won’t smell it killing you.
  2. Nicotine is still not good for you even if it’s not being “smoked”. It’s still a known carcinogen, not to mention all of the other unknown and known chemicals released during vaping.
  3. There were multiple “studies” in the 60s and 70s that said smoking tobacco products was actually so good for you that doctors for years recommended it and even prescribed smoking tobacco for illnesses. Seriously. It may not be *as* bad for you, but it will never be ok to smoke or *vape* anything. By falling for the same tricks again 40 years later you’re allowing the resurgence of an industry that kills you. Use common sense. This exact scenario has already played out on the world stage. Learn from history.

If you want to smoke or vape as an informed adult, you should be free to do that. Don’t lie to yourself, or others and justify endangering your health because you want it to be a healthy behaviour. It’s not healthy, but there’s no reason that everything you do in your life has to be healthy. As in everything you do, make good, well-informed decisions, and enjoy yourself.ƒ

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