Michelle Wolf is a Great Comedian. Get Over It.

(The video here is the full 20 minute routine that Michelle did for the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDbx1uArVOM)

Michelle Wolf is a comedian. She makes jokes for a living.  She wrote and delivered jokes.

You may or may not like the jokes comedians make. Grow up. Comedy is an important part of our societal introspection.

You know what happens when you go see comedians that you don’t like?  You don’t see them again. So, if you didn’t like what she said, don’t watch her again. It’s that simple.  She didn’t threaten anyone, a la Kathy Griffin.  She called things and people out that she found humour in.

No matter what you think of Michelle’s comedy routine at the Correspondents’ Dinner, there are some important takeaways from all of the media coverage.

  1. People are upset because she was honest in her jokes.
  2. It’s apparently not OK to make jokes that are in bad taste even though, “Too soon” is a comedy clichè.
  3. Comedians are hilarious until they make you their target.  The news media has taken on such a defensive stance they can’t even find the room to laugh at themselves right now.  That’s not an ok place to be for a news organization.
  4. Don’t think that the world doesn’t see you for who you are.  Comedians can and do exist outside the bounds of polite society.  If you’re full of it, don’t go to a comedy show that solely exists to call you on your shit. You’ll be sore in the morning.
  5. Michelle Wolf is awesome as a comedian and a political humorist. Hit or miss, she spends her life and career making hard won observations on the state of the world. If you think it’s easy for her to come up with these jokes or spending every waking moment paying attention to a world full of crap to make light of it… you’re sadly mistaken. She deserves kudos for even making the jokes that don’t land well.ƒ
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